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What is the Purpose of the Law for Christians? Doing Matthew 5:21-37

Before reading this post on doing Matthew 5:21-37, please make sure to read our post on hearing Matthew 5:21-37. You can also see a quick overview of our DOTW Bible study method. What action does God take in Matthew 5:21-37? … Continue reading

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What Is The Bible? Here’s How We Explain It In Our New North Korean/English Parallel Version

North Koreans have no concepts of a spiritual world, of sin and forgiveness, of prayer, or of a transcendent, eternal deity. (Even when Kim Il Sung is worshiped, he is not mistaken for a transcendent, eternal deity but rather is … Continue reading

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Video – God’s Hospitality is Seen In Both Egypt And The Promised Land

Pastor Tim reminds us that God shows us His hospitality throughout the pages of Scripture–even the tough pages! For example, even though God hosted the Israelites in Egypt, we often fail to realize God’s hospitality in this story.  Ultimately, God extended … Continue reading

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