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How Did Voice of the Martyrs Start?

How do you present yourself to God so that your whole life is an act of worship to God? The Foleys give you a glimpse into their own lives, and share how God used their whole lives to bring them … Continue reading

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What Would You Do With Complete Power? Jesus Did Something No One Expected

What would you do if you realized that all the power in heaven and on earth was in your hands? Maybe you would punish your enemies? Or maybe you would do something miraculous or spectacular? Or maybe you would do … Continue reading

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One Leader Who Is Respected By Both North Korea And South Korea – Ahn Changho

Ahn Changho is one of the only Korean people that is respected by both North Korea and South Korea. His leadership philosophy was first to search for the truth, and then to live out the truth. Although it sounds very … Continue reading

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