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What Is Christ Doing Now?

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page! John 17:1-11 Here’s a question for you: Jesus died, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven—then what happened? Most of us know what happened … Continue reading

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The Gospel Pours Forth From North Korea To The World

A man wrote me recently, “Oh, how I long for the day when the gospel will pour into North Korea!” I replied, “Oh, how I long for the day when the world will receive the gospel that is today pouring forth … Continue reading

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Trapped In the Maze

Being an atheist in middle school, high school, and (most of) college meant that I was a mission field for my Christian colleagues. “I value your bravery,” Christians students would tell me. “It must be very terrifying to live in … Continue reading

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