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Here Are The Things We Can Only Learn About God Through Doing The Word

What makes a person wise? What helps you to grow and to experience blessings in your life? In most traditions, we are taught that what makes us wise is meditation, contemplation, study. Christians also often believe that what makes us … Continue reading

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The Best Books On North Korea For Christians

More and more books are being written on North Korea. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer of these books are good, and many of the truly excellent books on North Korea are falling out of print and increasingly difficult to find. If … Continue reading

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The Gospel Is The Smallest Hope For North Korea. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing.

When Dr. Foley and I started in North Korea ministry 15 years ago, certain Learned Men And Women Who Think About NK were opining, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, that North Korea would collapse … Continue reading

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