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A Careful Exegesis of Hebrews 13:3, With Mosul In Mind

I was tagged earlier this week in a Facebook picture entitled “We Are Nazarenes.” The post shows the now well-known symbol used to mark the homes of Christians in Mosul, along with the caption (from 1 Corinthians 12:26), “And if … Continue reading

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How Do We Disciple North Koreans Who Visit The Outside World?

There are many ways North Koreans manage to cross the border of North Korea to the outside world. Some swim across the Tumen River with guns blazing, dogs barking and search lights glaring in their wake.  Most, however, leave the same … Continue reading

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One Of The Best Books On Suffering And Persecution As Essential Parts Of The Christian Life

You might expect North Korean defectors more than others to understand the “high cost” of following Jesus, but surprisingly many of them are as naïve as we are. Many NK defectors in our Underground University program became Christians after escaping … Continue reading

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