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Sign Voice of the Martyrs’ Letter of Confession to Kim Jong Un On Behalf Of North Korean Christians

Voice of the Martyrs in the United States has launched a North Korean letter writing campaign with a creative twist: This man, Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, is guilty of the imprisonment and torture of 30,000 of your … Continue reading

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10 Reasons North Korea Is Not The Worst Place To Be A Christian

Frequently when I’m interviewed, the host will introduce me by saying, “Today we’ll be talking about North Korea–the worst place on earth to be a Christian.” Now, if “worst” means “costliest” or “most challenging” such as it does in this … Continue reading

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Why No Arab Spring For North Korea? (Or, You Can Take The North Korean Out Of North Korea, But…)

Balloons bombarding North Korea with flyers from the outside world… Ordinary North Korean citizens boldly rebuking soldiers… Assassination attempts on North Korea’ unassailable leader… Is there a “North Korean Spring” in the offing? PBS recently ran a documentary, Secret State … Continue reading

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