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What Is a Disciple?

“What is a disciple?” Pastor Tim asks an eager crowd of UU and UT students. “What does the word discipleship mean?” One student, an elderly North Korean man, says: “when you disciple someone, it means that you are making this … Continue reading

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Sex-Slave No Longer . . . Now She is a Child of God

One of the largest areas of impact this year was made through our distribution of MP3 players that were loaded with the dramatized North Korean New Testament.  My wife recently had the privilege of seeing first-hand the impact that these … Continue reading

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Christianity Is Growing In China And What The Government Is Doing About It

The rise of Christianity in China has been so significant that experts are now suggesting Christianity may be the singular most popular “organization” in China – surpassing current Communist party membership numbers by almost 10 million. Analysts expect that Christianity … Continue reading

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