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Life as Sagyeonghoe: An Excerpt from Living in the Underground Church

(Tonight I finished writing the introduction to Living in the Underground Church, the third volume of our Underground Church series. The book is due out in November, but I’m eager to share this excerpt with you. You can find Volume 1 of the series, Preparing … Continue reading

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The Three Circumstances In Which The Church Is Obligated to Go Underground

John Calvin identified two marks of the true church: “the word of God purely preached and heard, and the pure administration of the sacraments.”[36] The only legitimate reason to take the church underground, then, is to overcome any hindrance to … Continue reading

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What does Jesus mean, “In my Father’s house are many mansions?”

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page! John 14:1-14 Where do you live? Nearly all human beings regard this as an important question. Biblically, however, it is the important question—so important, in … Continue reading

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