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How Is North Korea’s Juche Ideology Similar To Christianity?

As an officially atheistic government, North Korea refuses to call Juche–the official ideology of the North Korean state–a religion, but the truth is that it bears all the markings of one.  Even more, it shares extensive similarities with Christianity. Consider … Continue reading

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Video – North Korean/South Korean Parallel Bible Press Conference

Here’s a glimpse of the press conference where we released the first ever North Korean/South Korean Parallel Bible last month.  Reporters from all the major South Korean Christian media were in attendance, as well as some secular outlets! Koreans share … Continue reading

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How To Evangelize On A Long Bus-Trip Across The Country

A few weeks ago, at our discipleship conference with restricted church leaders, we heard an interesting story about sharing your bread that illustrates the simple power of doing the word. This story came from the pastor of a church of … Continue reading

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