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Video – God Is Doing More In Your Life Than Forgiving You For Not Being Like Him

Pastor Eric Foley reminds us that God is doing more in our lives at present than forgiving us for not being like him! His healing serves the purpose of making us more like Christ.  And this is actually what healing is.  … Continue reading

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Confessing Your Sins to One Another

Post by Pastor Tim – One of the greatest acts of healing that our family experiences on a daily basis is our time spent confessing our sins.  That’s right . . . I said confessing our sins! Unfortunately, the practice … Continue reading

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For John Wesley, Salvation Was As Much About Healing Sin-Sickness As It Was About Forgiving It

One of the under-explored and under-appreciated discipleship treasures of the Wesleyan theological heritage is John Wesley’s understanding of salvation, which unites the Western church tradition of salvation as forensic (i.e., the forgiveness of sins) with the Eastern church tradition of salvation as … Continue reading

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