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Volunteer Expiration Dates: Good. Volunteer Growth Plans: Divine.

The always outstanding Call & Response blog calls attention this month to a creative idea suggested by Pastor Dan Pezet: Expiration dates for volunteers. Sometimes we put someone in a position and leave them there until they are used up. … Continue reading

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Fasting During Lent May be Rebellion Against God (or, A Brief Course in Writing a Nonprofit Press Release)

Happy mid-Lent! With The Whole Life Offering book scheduled to come out in a few weeks, Lord permitting, here’s a look at one of the press releases we put out in an effort to sprinkle something of the flavor of … Continue reading

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The Theology of TG: Two Excellent New Articles to Undergird Your Practice of Transformational Giving

As I noted in a prior post entitled In Praise of Works, Transformational Giving runs on sanctification software. As such, we TG practitioners, more than our traditional transactional fundraising counterparts, need to always keep our theological edge sharp, because it … Continue reading

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