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What measures does God despise?

In yesterday’s post, we talked about God’s love of measurement. So prominent an element of His character is it that Paul even refers to Him as ‘The God of Measure’. But it would be a dreadful mistake to assume that … Continue reading

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What does ‘The God of Measure’ measure?

…and we in regard to the unmeasured things will not boast ourselves, but after the measure of the line that the God of measure did appoint to us — to reach even unto you… (Youngs Literal Translation, 2 Corinthians 10:13) … Continue reading

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How to measure social media (or ‘Why measuring social media is another nail in the ttf coffin and another jewel in the TG crown’)

As if to underscore yesterday’s post on orienting concerns–those ‘worries’ that we bring to every question of theology and fundraising–there was a really clear illustration of the orienting concern of traditional/transactional fundraising (ttf) in the great post yesterday on Beth’s … Continue reading

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